13 grim pop song lyrics

Collage of celebrities covering one eye
  1. Robin Thicke & Pharrell – Blurred Lines

And that’s why I’m gon’ take a good girl
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
You’re a good girl
Can’t let it get past me
You’re far from plastic
Talk about getting blasted
I hate these blurred lines

Many listeners felt like the girl did not want it, but the guy who is chasing her keeps pushing it anyway. Despite Blurred Lines spending five weeks at number one in the UK charts, the “rapey” lyrics led to the song being banned at many universities and an advert which featured the song and models from the video was banned from daytime TV in 2013.

  1. Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time

In her first hit song, Britney literally asks to be beaten. The (almost) catholic schoolgirl outfit she wears in the music video only emphasises this, as Catholics are known to beat unruly students.

  1. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

“What do you mean?
When you nod your head yes
But you wanna say no
What do you mean?”

Sounds like a no to me, Justin. She’s obviously indecisive, but the lyrics are pushy and kind of uncomfortable in this (very) repetitive song.

  1. Rocko featuring Future & Rick Ross – “U.O.E.N.O.”

“Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”

For those that don’t know, Molly is MDMA, a party drug. And, well, if you don’t understand the rest of it then you’re too young to need to know. Find another site.

  1. Maroon 5 – Animals

Betcha you didn’t think you’d see the fun-loving band who brought ‘Moves Like Jagger’ to every nightclub in the world on this list, did you? Well, brace yourself, because this is a grim one.

“Baby, I’m preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Maybe you think that you can hide
I can smell your scent for miles.”

  1. Gnarls Barkley – Necromancer

I’ll bet you didn’t think you’d see the guy who got everyone dancing to the hit song ‘Crazy’ here either…

“Did you hear what I said? With this ring I do wed a body in my bed
She was cool when I met her but I think I like her better dead.”

  1. Lady Gaga – Marry the Night

Gaga’s 13 minute music video is an artistic yet incredibly emotional video. She begins with a monologue which many associate with a victim of mind control. Lady Gaga is seen on a stretcher pushed by two nurses and talks about her perception of reality.

“When I look back on my life, it’s not that I don’t want to see things exactly as they happen, it’s just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way. And truthfully, the lie of it all is much more honest, because I invented it. Clinical psychology arguably tells us that trauma is the ultimate killer… It’s sort of like my past is an unfinished painting and, as the artist of that painting, I must fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again. It’s not that I’ve been dishonest, it’s just that I loathe reality.”

After this, a nurse explains to Lady Gaga, “I remember when I delivered you.” This statement makes those who research the industry think about slaves and how they are conditioned from birth by their circle of friends and family. The music video shows that Lady Gaga is not the only patient experiencing trauma in the room.

  1. Britney Spears – Rebellion

In 2006, Britney Spears shared a song on her website that wasn’t a released single. That isn’t the strange part though.

The song ‘Rebellion’ features the lyrics:

“You’ll find it so compelling
‘Cause everyone’s yelling
‘Cause your soul you’re not selling
‘Cause you’re rebellion
Be wary of others
The ones closest to you
The poison they feed you
And the voodoo that they do”

The following year, Britney had a ‘breakdown’ and began to take control of her own life, starting with her hair.

  1. Lily Allen – ‘Sheezus’

“I am born again, now run along and tell
All your friends to come and join us
I am your leader
Let me be Sheezus”

Ok, so this doesn’t seem so strange until you realise that many of the song lyrics refer to Christianity, yet at the end of the video she is shown with devil horns and grim looking eyes.

Many rappers and artists compare themselves to Jesus, including Kanye West who refers to himself as ‘Yeezy’ and produced the album ‘Yeezus’. There was a song literally titled ‘I am a God’.

  1. The Beatles – Run For Your Life

“Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl
Than to be with another man”
“You better run for your life if you can, little girl
Hide your head in the sand little girl
Catch you with another man
That’s the end little girl.”

Why do they sound so obsessive and why do they sound like they’re talking to a child? So many questions. John Lennon openly talked about beating his wife Cynthia in interviews and tried to change his ways in the last decade of his life but during his abusive time, he was responsible for writing lyrics like this… 

  1. Michael Jackson – Little Susie

In 1995, MJ released a compilation album named ‘History’ and one of the songs creeped out his fans to no end. The ENTIRE song is about the death of a little girl. 

‘Little Susie’ has one of the creepiest beginnings to a song EVER. Imagine a beautiful tune playing from an old music box and put a creepy humming sound of a little girl over it and there you have it.

“Somebody killed little Susie
The girl with the tune
Who sings in the daytime at noon
She was there screaming
Beating her voice in her doom
But nobody came to her soon…”

“Everyone came to see The girl that now is dead
So blind stare the eyes in her head…”

Supposedly this song was written about a real murder, but no one seems to be able to find the actual story. Only MJ, the murderer and little Susie know what really happened. And why would the murderer tell anyone?

  1. Ariana Grande – One Last Time

“I was a liar, I gave into the fire, I know I should’ve fought it, At least I’m being honest”

So many people believe that many celebrities have sold their soul for fame that it’s no wonder these lyrics are part of the reason people think Ariana is one of them.

  1. Britney Spears – Mona Lisa

Britney has made the list again with her song ‘Mona Lisa’ which is almost unknown. She secretly recorded the song with her band and, along with her security guard, she took the CD to a local radio station and instructed them to play it on the air.

Why? Check out these lyrics:

“She’s the original
She’s unforgettable
She wants you to know
She’s been gone”

Actually listen to the lyrics. If you heard the word ‘gone’, not the word ‘cloned’, you’re one of the only people who did… Brit has been wrapped up in cloning theories for years and we’ll write about it sometime.

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