13 grim risks about driving with kids & why you should NEVER leave a child in a car

Baby with middle finger up in a car seat

Let’s be honest, parenting is easier with access to a car… well, it is if you don’t do any of these things anyway.

5 grim things people do with children in their car
>> 8 reasons you should never leave a child in a car

  1. You could just… forget about them

Believe it or not, some people have accidentally left their own children in their car.

KidAndCars.org helpfully (?) recommend that parents and child carers “Place an item you can’t start the day without in the backseat.” Before you check what website you’re on, no this isn’t the Onion or some other fake news site taking the piss. This was ACTUALLY SHARED.

Why would someone forget their baby?! Some apparent reasons include “a change in who drops off the child, change in traffic, a wrong turn, missing an exit, a medical appointment, running late or an unexpected phone call have disrupted a parent’s pattern and resulted in hot car tragedies like her own. Special events like church or family reunions when people leave their doors unlocked have resulted in children entering a vehicle and becoming trapped inside.

ABC News was one of the news companies who shared more information, and took most of the shit when it was actually Kids And Cars who shared it in the first place.

“This is what the experts want you to know to help you check the back seat:

  • Leave a purse or important item you will need in the backseat (something like your phone, a purse, or even a shoe)
  • Hang a mirror above your child’s backseat, allowing you to see them in your rear-view mirror.
  • Download a mobile app like Kars 4 Kids and Driver’s Little Helper that will alert your phone once arriving at your destination.”
  1. Speeding

The speed limit is there for a reason and accidents can happen when you’re driving at a legal speed…

  1. Smoking with kids in the car

You wouldn’t smoke in the same room as your baby, would you? (I fuckin hope not) so why would you think having a car window open will save their tiny lungs? If you’re that desperate, stop and pull over for a smoke.

  1. Having car seats in the wrong place

Car seats being hit by an inflating airbag if your vehicle is involved in an accident an result in death, as can having the car seat the wrong way around whilst in the back seat of the car.

  1. You could be in an accident

Conditions can change to heavy rain, hailstones, ice or you could just have an unexplainable accident. I don’t really need to explain this, just stay safe out there you guys.

8 reasons you should never leave a child in a car

You’re only running into the store to get a loaf of bread so why would you wake your sleeping baby or young child who you’ve spent hours trying to get to sleep?! Well, because of all these reasons (and many more)…

  1. The car could be stolen

Cars get stolen every day. Just because you lock the door and are parked in a public place doesn’t mean someone might not try their luck.

  1. Someone could accidentally back into your car


It happens more often than you’d think, so who’s to say it couldn’t happen while your baby naps?

  1. Someone could kidnap the child

There are some grim, grim people out there and some really like children. Unthinkable? Yes. Impossible? No.

  1. The child could choke or have a medical emergency

Just because there’s nothing to grab at in arm’s reach doesn’t mean a baby can’t possibly choke on their own spit or sick.

  1. You could have a medical emergency

In the case of a medical emergency, you could potentially be unable to let people know that there is a child waiting alone in the car.

  1. There could be an emergency threat


You only intend to be two minutes. You can see there’s no queue inside the store and you have a touch bank card so you can tap your card to pay and run back to the car. Simple, right? Wrong. Thieves don’t care about your plans and the shop will have to go into lockdown whether your baby is in your car or not.

  1. Their body temperature could dramatically change

“Hot-car deaths reached a record level in the U.S. [in 2018] with at least 52 children killed” reported Kids And Cars.

Babies can’t regulate their body temperature like adults can, so it doesn’t even have to be particularly hot or cold for it to become life-threatening.

  1. They could knock the gear stick

Believe it or not, this has actually happened. Kids left alone on roads, in car parks and on hills could knock the gear stick and the car could roll into another car … or down a hill.

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