What is GRIM-THINGS Entertainment?

GRIM-THINGS Entertainment is a media website you can access for free without creating an account.

GRIM-THINGS aims to deliver all kinds of interesting and fun interactive media, allowing you to explore the “dark side” without putting yourself at risk.

Some features may be limited without verifying your age. You can also do this without creating an account, however features may still be limited!

The history of GRIM-THINGS!

GRIM-THINGS has a fun and rich history entertaining visitors and users of this website. Since 2009, the development of GRIM-THINGS has excited and enticed visitors more than once. Regularly confusing former users, the site is getting grimmer every time it comes back!

Find out about the history of GRIM-THINGS Entertainment below and recap on all the most important moments from inception!


GRIM-THINGS Entertainment laid its roots in 2009 as a site operated by a Mancunian musician. It quickly grew into a Manchester-based music project that reached people worldwide.
The Beginning!


In 2015 through to 2017, GRIM-THINGS helped visitors explore fun and creative media exploring interesting off the wall topics.

Shut Down

GRIM-THINGS Entertainment shut down, presumably for good. After developing a community of followers, the site received floods of emails of anger, followed by relief and support after the announcement that new projects were in the works.


During the years 2018 & 2019, life got really interesting for the entire world. Plenty of grim events shook us to our core, inspiring the new GRIM-THINGS!


GRIM-THINGS Entertainment is back and it is better than ever, exploring the grimmest depths of our depraved societies.

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