11 grim results of the 2020 black lives matter protests

As the global pandemic slows to a near stop and the world begins to slowly get back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is, anyway), the unthinkable happened. A black father and husband, George Floyd, was murdered by US police in cold fucking blood.

People have begun protesting around the world and in a safe environment with people protesting for the right reasons while wearing PPE during the pandemic, that can’t ever be a bad thing. But some people take things too far. People are protesting for peace without behaving peacefully and police are going all out on the attack and that’s what I’m gonna talk about today.

11 grim results of the protests
Footage of police brutality
A wholesome photo (it ain’t all grim)

11 grim results of the protests

  1. Protests shouldn’t even be necessary
One sign says ‘my arms are hurting from holding this sign since the 1960s’

It’s 2020 and racism STILL EXISTS??! There is no place for racism in this world and there hasn’t been for years. It shouldn’t be necessary to stand up to officers of the fucking law and tell them to have a little respect for the people they’re hired to protect. Especially when their jobs are literally funded by taxpayers…

  1. Police are getting trigger happy
Rubber bullets | NBC News

As per usual for American police, it’s shoot first and ask questions later. They’re only rubber bullets, it’s not like they can do much damage anyway, right?! Wrong…

  1. The macing of children

Two images in the collage above show children with spray running down their faces and they’re only the tip of the iceberg. People are getting maced left, right and center. And it ain’t just a quick splash, it’s enough to soak the skin…

  1. People are getting beaten
  1. Business are getting damaged & looted

The day after Floyd’s murder, on 25th May, protests in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area became violent as a police precinct and two stores went up in flames and stores were looted and damaged.

The whole point about the protests is to peacefully make a statement that black lives matter and we will NOT stand for police brutality. Well, that’s the point for some people anyway.

  1. Cars are getting set on fire

Cars are going up in flames across America, but some aren’t even police cars. Armed police are breaking up the crowds with rubber bullet guns, sprays and other weapons.

  1. People are protesting in the road
  1. 75 riot police quit because 2 fucked up

On 5th May, two members of the Buffalo riot force were suspended without pay for shoving a 75 year old activist to the ground and their 57 colleagues resigned from the riot team in solidarity.

The man suffered serious injuries, including a bleeding ear and a cracked head, but they just walked on by like he was trash dropped on the street. Had he passed away, they’d all have to live with that, but they clearly don’t give a shit. In fact, initial reports claim that he tripped and fell.

Could it get any worse? Well, yeah actually. According to the Guardian, “The resigning 57 officers comprised the entire Buffalo police department (BDP) emergency response team. They will still be employed by BDP and be paid, but they will no longer work on the emergency response team.”

They obviously don’t care about protecting the public so the public shouldn’t have to pay their wages. But that’s just my take (and thousands, if not millions, of others) on it anyway, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, who said on Friday the officers should be fired.

On 6th May, they plead not guilty (it’s on camera you guys!?) and were charged with felony assault.

  1. Army members are talking about how the police have no excuse
  1. The curfews

Some states began imposing curfews and this video from May 31st – the same day Atlanta’s curfew began – shows two young people driving home when their car was stopped at 9.13pm. They didn’t know the curfew had begun, as it had only been announced 13 minutes earlier.

  1. There’s still a pandemic

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in the wilderness during the start of the pandemic like Jared Leto was, apparently*), you’ll know that Covid-19 is still a very real threat.

Some protesters never remove their protective masks, some have decided to isolate for 14 days after protesting, and the rest? They’re out there potentially creating a second wave. Protests have been held around the world, including in the UK, which had the second highest coronavirus spread in the world.

It’s causing a lot of panic about the future of our NHS, the health of our front line workers and the health of protesters’ families.

* Seriously, you couldn’t make this shit up. How many other people living in isolation or still on no-phone wilderness adventures don’t know about the virus?

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Footage of police brutality

A wholesome mention

There are loads of wholesome images going viral of police and protesters working together to change the future. Don’t assume that all police are twats. Some genuinely respect their jobs, the people they serve and the lives of EVERYONE. The bad cops make a bad name for the rest of them, but we can’t believe they’re all the same.

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